The ambition of Smart Aarhus is to create better, cheaper and more sustainable solutions, that benefits citizens as well as businesses. Solutions that are made in collaboration between the municipality, companies, citizens and knowledge institutions. Therefore, one of the most important tasks for Smart Aarhus is to facilitate and create these kinds of collaborations.

Smart Aarhus covers a wide range of digital solutions, which creates unique possibilities for an ever-growing city like Aarhus. Smart Aarhus consists of classic smart city solutions in the urban space, digitalization in the municipality and business development.

This way Smart Aarhus becomes a part of the solution regarding the challenges of the welfare state. For example data and sensors, Internet of Things, Big Data, AI, drones and robots all contributes to create better lives for the citizens. By using these technologies in a smart way, we can create things like intelligent traffic control, energy efficient buildings, transversal digital supply systems and sustainable forms of transportation. Smart Aarhus can help by making solutions that can save lives, secure a healthy population and all in all create better quality of life for the citizens.

Our main purpose is to use digitalization and new technology as means to create a better city for our citizens. We are here to make everyday life better - for people, businesses and the employees of the municipality.