The technological development and digitalization have revolutionized our society and changed the way we communicate, produce, learn, and live our lives. However, this development has also significantly altered the threat landscape. Modern warfare increasingly takes place in the digital realm, and in civil society, citizens and businesses need to protect themselves against attacks from cybercriminals.

Therefore, cyber and information security are a shared concern and responsibility. Citizens and businesses, educational and research institutions, public authorities, police, and defense; we all play a part in the solution if the digital world is to be a safe place to navigate. Talent, innovation, and collaboration are keywords if we are to stay one step ahead of digital criminals.

In Aarhus, we have the prerequisites to lead the way in this fight, and it comes with a commitment. With a solid foundation of world-class research, scientific and market leadership in cryptography, a burgeoning growth environment in blockchain and other security technologies, competitive IT and technology companies, and a partnership-oriented business culture, we aim to realize the vision of a more cyber-secure future. This benefits both society as a whole and the local economy, strengthening Aarhus as an attractive city to live and study in through growth and job creation.

The focal point of this effort is a Security Tech Space; an independent organization affiliated with an existing research and innovation environment, led by a director and a broadly composed board – with a dedicated focus on realizing the vision and the market potential that Aarhus' position in cyber and information security offers.

By establishing a Security Tech Space, we complement other initiatives by targeting the civilian sector, especially the lifeblood of the Danish economy: the many small and medium-sized enterprises, for whom lack of knowledge, skills, and resources can be a barrier to action.

The mission is clear: A Security Tech Space should act as a catalyst for interaction and co-creation across the entire ecosystem of both public and private actors by bridging the gap between supply and demand, research and capital. Through a collective and coordinated effort, we will ensure a modern digital defense in Danish companies, based on a Security Tech Space.