Aarhus Takes the Lead in Cyber and Information Security

Aarhus Municipality, like all other public authorities and businesses/organizations, faces an increased threat when it comes to cybersecurity. Denmark is one of the world's leading nations in terms of digitization, a crucial driving force for the development of our society. However, with a high degree of digitization comes an increased vulnerability to criminals and hostile nations seeking to exploit weaknesses in our digital society.

A Strong Position in Cybersecurity

Aarhus holds a strong position in the realm of cyber and information security. The Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University ranks in the top three globally in the field of cryptography. The Alexandra Institute in Aarhus advises businesses across Denmark on innovative uses of IT security technologies. Furthermore, we have several robust IT security and blockchain companies, many of which have emerged from the academic environment in Aarhus, working on high-level IT security models.

New Initiative in Cyber and Information Security

Therefore, Aarhus Municipality has initiated the formation of a consortium for Cyber and Information Security. The consortium consists of educational institutions, public authorities, local and international companies, and interest groups within the field of IT security.

Aarhus Municipality offers itself as a facilitator for the consortium and as a testing facility for the experimentation of various solutions, as well as a case/data provider for research activities. The goal is for the consortium and the activities in Aarhus to contribute to strengthening Denmark's defense in the realm of cyber and information security and to boost the export of Danish solutions.

Contact the Smart Aarhus secretariat if you would like to learn more or participate in the consortium.

Newly Established Knowledge Center in Aarhus - Security Tech Space Is Now Operational

The new Security Tech Space, aimed at enhancing cybersecurity, is now a reality. Security Tech Space emerged from the consortium's collaborative efforts with the goal of establishing a knowledge center at the forefront of the fight against cyber threats. The center has been established through a collaboration between Aarhus University, the Alexandra Institute, INCUBA A/S, and Aarhus Municipality.

With the establishment of Security Tech Space, a board has also been appointed for the project. The newly appointed chairperson of the board is Lise Fuhr, the director of ETNO, the association of European telecommunications companies, based in Brussels. She has board experience with several tech companies.

Security Tech Space focuses on the corporate side of cyber and information security, with the overarching goal of protecting citizens, businesses, and authorities from cyberattacks that could, in the worst case, cripple businesses and society.