On March 28, 2023, the consortium gathered again - this time to be formally established.

During the meeting, parties interested in joining the consortium can sign a Letter of Commitment, which commits them to contribute to the cybersecurity and information security ecosystem.

As members of the consortium on cyber and information security, the parties commit to strengthening and developing the city's cybersecurity and information security ecosystem by:

  • Providing experts as mentors for students and startups or conducting workshops on cybersecurity topics such as threat modeling, risk management, emergency plans, business continuity, recovery, etc.
  • Contributing to attracting and retaining talented students, including offering them study jobs in the field of cybersecurity.
  • Being communication partners and ambassadors for the initiative and for Security Tech Space.
  • Assisting in securing additional funding and participating actively in the consortium's activities, such as research and development projects, to the extent that they add value to their own organization.
  • Raising awareness about the need for increased cyber and information security through communication.
  • Providing ongoing advice to Aarhus Municipality and Security Tech Space regarding industry needs.

The consortium will meet 1 - 2 times a year in the future. The flagship initiative in the field of cyber and information security is Security Tech Space Aarhus.

Companies/organizations that have signed our Letter of Commitment: 

The consortium is open to additional participants. If your company/organization is interested in joining, please feel free to contact the Smart Aarhus Secretariat.