What if we could together create the framework for one of the internationally strongest professional environments in the field of cyber and information security in Aarhus? An environment that could develop the best and most innovative security technologies and solutions on the market. An environment that could attract highly qualified workforce and the most ambitious students. An environment that facilitates the flow of knowledge and expertise between educational institutions and businesses, and an environment that provides Aarhus with the best conditions to be a cyber-secure city, embracing the latest technology. A city that safeguards its citizens' data but also utilizes them to their fullest potential, and most importantly, a city that takes responsibility for sharing its knowledge and scaling solutions to the rest of the country and to countries facing the same challenges as Aarhus.

To fulfill this vision, we have gathered the Consortium for Cyber and Information Security, consisting of educational institutions, public authorities, local and international businesses, and interest organizations within the IT security field.

Aarhus Municipality stands ready to serve as the facilitator for the consortium and as a testing facility for the experimentation of various solutions, as well as a case/data provider for research activities.