IoT Week ends Digital Spring 2019

The European Conference IoT Week takes place in June 2019 for the 9th consecutive year. This year, the event is coming to Denmark for the first time – more specifically, to the city of Aarhus.

This year, the conference will explore IoT in depth, taking the UN’s world goals as a point of departure. The conference therefore puts a lot of emphasis on the future use of IoT and will challenge the status quo.

The purpose is to inspire people in private companies and public organisations to make better, more informed decisions.

Come and be inspired by the more than 250 speakers who are leaders in their field and strengthen your company’s international network with participants from more than 50 nations.

As a participant in the conference, you will have access to a varied and strong academic programme that offers workshops, a hackathon and a start-up competition in addition to a wealth of inspiring speakers and exhibitors. You can also participate in a brokerage event which will provide an optimal framework for matchmaking and give you the opportunity to identify relevant, new and valuable partnerships. During the conference you can follow one or more of the 12 overall themes:

The themes are highlighted from a technical, social and business angle, so whether you are someone who is immersed in code or you are the person who makes the strategic decisions about the company’s digital direction, IoT Week 2019 is "the place to be".

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