Smart-Up – Innovation Camp at Aalto University

The City of Aarhus is a partner in the EU-project Smart-Up, which is working on developing and implementing smart specialization strategies with a focus on topics such as Smart Cities, Circular Economy, and other spearheads.

This May there is an Innovation Camp in Helsinki, which has a focus on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals:

Sustainable Baltic Sea Region 2030
Helsinki-Espoo-Kotka Innovation Camp
02.05.2019 – 04.05.2019

Representatives of cities, regions, universities, startups and civil society organizations from the nine countries around the Baltic Sea assemble at Aalto University to innovate around SDG's, educational needs, future competences and what it means for our everyday life.

The camp is organized as part of the innovation camp series in Smart-Up BSR project led by Aalto University professor Taina Tukiainen. Helsinki-Espoo-Kotka Innovation Camp is organized with support of Cursor Oy and Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council.

Because delivering on sustainable development requires true open-minded collaboration, Aalto University in cooperation with Climate Leadership Coalition, City of Espoo and City of Kotka bring forward four challenges that help tackling the 1,5C limit requirement in BSR.

Student teams will challenge and inspire practitioners of the Baltic Sea Region by presenting their daring solutions of Sustainable Hub for the City of Kotka, and Interactive Waste Art for the waterfront in City of Espoo.

A facilitator artist will draw every step of the camp work to help promote creativity and out-of-the-box thinking through visualization. The participants will work together for two full days to develop Sustainable BSR 2030 solutions that can involve everyone, especially the younger generation.