Nordic Healthy Cities – a new project by the Nordic Smart City Network

The project has a total budget of 10.200.000 NOK of which 5.000.000 NOK is direct funding from Nordic Innovation.

The aim is to create supportive urban environments and living, to improve health and quality of life, and thus support Nordic Innovation’s vision of a sustainable and integrated health region. NSCN will cooperate with private companies to deliver sustainable solutions to deal with the health challenges brought by increased urbanization.

The Nordic Smart City Network will soon decide on 5 collaboration projects. The cities are now developing and sharing project ideas that will lead to a final decision before summer 2020. The 5 projects will test new innovative practices to tackle health effects in future urban areas. It is of great importance to both NSCN and Nordic Innovation that the projects are innovative and prioritize the transfer of learning to other Nordic cities and potentially other and bigger markets.

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