Internet Week Denmark will be completely virtual this year

Due to the world situation it has been decided that this years Internet Week Denmark is to be held completely virtually when the event runs from the 4th to the 9th of May.

“With the ongoing uncertainty of the pandemic, we decided it was important to make the decision to go fully virtual now so that participants and partners can begin planning and organising online-first events,” says Bo Sejer Frandsen, Director in DigitalLead and IWDK organizer.

“And who better to do this than a tech festival?”

It has always been the plan that parts of the week should take place online, which boosted the development of a new platform for the purpose as soon as last year. Therefore, the framework is already there to ensure a high quality throughout the week.

The virtual platform will, among other things, contain various “scenes”, almost as we know it from festivals around the world. Here participants can experience both live and pre-produced content. The whole week is packed with exciting events from the digital landscape.

“In a time of great uncertainty, where digitalization is going faster than ever and where we’re in the process of creating new habits and rules for our online presence, it is relevant to take stock and look at digital development. We do this at IWDK, where we discuss what the development offers of new opportunities, both for business and society and what challenges the rapid digitalization entails. We have high expectations for a completely digital IWDK and hope that many companies and organizations – as usual – will contribute to create a large and diverse festival,” says Mayor of Aarhus, Jacob Bundsgaard.

IWDK 2021 will for example be about:

  • Use of personal data in the public sector
  • How to regulate tech giants internationally
  • Online free speech and censorship
  • Developments in Green Tech & Health Tech
  • Amazon’s sights on the Danish market
  • Google’s entry into the education sector
  • State sequencing of patients’ DNA
  • The threat of hacker attacks on the danish business community
  • Gaming & E-sport: A mixture of debate and fascination between parents and youth
  • Controlling Artificial Intelligence

Learn more about Internet Week Denmark at their website.