Margrethe Vestager to open IWDK21

As both the European Commissioner for Competition and The Vice President for the European Commission on A Europe Fit for the Digital Age, Margrethe Vestager is one of the most important regulators of the global tech industry and one of the world’s most influential policy makers on the development of new technologies.

”It’s a pity that we can’t be together in person. But it’s important that we can still meet. Because change is coming at us fast, and keeping Europe on the frontier of technology is important. So open forums like this play an important civic role in bringing businesses, educational institutions, political leaders and citizens together  to learn, discuss and set a path for the future,” says Vestager.

This year’s IWDK festival will be held online through a virtual festival platform. Vestager will speak as part of the Festival’s opening event on May 4, which will be livestreamed and feature prominent keynotes each giving their perspective on the Trust & Tech agenda.

“As users, customers and companies, we all need a broad selection of safe and secure online products and services. It is just like in the physical world,” says Vestager. “All companies doing business in Europe, small and large, must have the same rights and freedom to compete online, just as they do offline.  Whether it is about shopping on the web or shopping on the high street, whether it is scrolling on screen or turning the pages of a newspaper, we all must be able to trust the news we read.  For that which is illegal offline is just as illegal online.”        

IWDK organizers hope that the opening event will provide insights into how both Denmark and the EU can get the most out of developing technologies while also addressing dilemmas related to topics like artificial intelligence, cyber security, data privacy and e-commerce.

“Technology continues to improve our lives in remarkable ways and it is important that we understand, discuss and address the implications of that change as we go. That’s what IWDK is all about.” says Festival Director Randi Vestergaard. “We couldn’t imagine a better person to provide that perspective right now than Margrethe Vestager.” 

Vestager’s keynote and the rest of the opening event are free and open to all, but require registration on the event: IWDK Official Opening