CFIA opened in March 2016, and we have since then worked on creating new solutions for welfare and growth as well as everyday improvements for the citizens of Aarhus. We are engaged as partner and consultants in different innovation projects and we operate across all the departments in Aarhus. We believe that the best solutions come from collaborating across institutions, professionals, and citizens - by engaging and co-creating with the relevant stakeholders.

CFIAs approach to innovation is design driven. We use well-known and acknowledged methods from design thinking, prototyping and business development.

CFIA is a part of a broader strategy in Aarhus called “Innovation in Aarhus – new paths to welfare and growth”.

The centre is located at Dokk1 and the location ensures visibility and close interaction with the citizens. It is organizationally a part of ITK (Innovation, Technology, Creativity) under the magistrate department of Culture and Citizen Service, but CFIA is working for the entire Municipality of Aarhus though.