The centre itself is an innovative, intelligent and interactive building that serves as an environment for learning and exploring. It presents a dynamic space for everyone looking for knowledge, inspiration and a sense of community.

Dokk1 accommodates Aarhus Main Library and Aarhus Citizen Service along with a great variety of facilities for cultural and social activities and networking. This includes a new centre for innovation, which – among other things – serves as a meeting point for Smart Aarhus.

The purpose of Dokk1 is to address the increasing public demands for lifelong learning and to give access to new technology and media. For this reason, the centre has been constructed with in-built flexibility to new developments in technology, media, and consumption of culture. Citizens of Aarhus, users of Dokk1, and other key stakeholders are continuously involved in the project, which makes it possible to stay up-to-date on the latest trends.

Dokk1 opened in 2015 and was built as part of the reconstruction of the waterfront of Aarhus.