The Internet of Things International Forum (IoT Forum) was established in 2013 by an international group of organizations including the Alexandra Institute, who is a partner of Smart Aarhus. IoT Forum is a member-based organization which aims to develop an Internet of Things ecosystem that addresses technology barriers along with business and societal challenges to establish conditions for a worldwide market for the Internet of Things. Thus, promoting international dialogue and collaboration between various actors from the industry, research institutions, and public institutions.

IoT Forum shares Smart Aarhus’ cross-sectoral and multi-stakeholder model as well as the same holistic approach in using technology to address a combination of societal, economic, and environmental needs, which reflects the vision of Smart Aarhus. IoT Forum pays attention to the respect of privacy and protecting personal data of citizens.

One of the events and conferences that IoT Forum organizes is IoT Week, which in 2019 took place in Aarhus. IoT Week is an annual event organized by the IoT Forum since 2011 and it is Europe's leading conference on the Internet of Things.