The Nordics face some common challenges where they individually are parts of the global competition. This was the main reason why 14 cities in the five Nordic countries in the beginning of 2018 decided to enter cooperation, with all five Nordic capitals taking part in the network. The ambition is that knowledge sharing will create better projects, reduce resources and enhance sustainability.

Common for all five countries is a high degree of social trust and happiness among citizens, advanced digitalization, great welfare and highly developed city areas. This close relations and similarities between the cities make it possible for the network to share innovative ideas. At the same time the network is an opportunity to scale solutions across cities and nations. Now five different Living Lab projects are up and running as part of collaboration with Nordic Innovation.

The knowledge sharing from the network is also generated through physical meetings where representatives from the cities meet several times annual. A part of the collaboration is the web-platform that makes it possible to get updated on Smart City projects across the Nordics.

Read more on and take inspiration from what the Nordic Smart Cities work.

The network is founded with support from Climate-Kic and Nordic Innovation.