Open and Agile Smart Cities is an international initiative, where cities from around the world release data through a set of shared standards and principles.

By establishing shared standards for smart city development across the globe, the project aims at making applications and solutions interoperable, which allow them to make an impact in many cities at once. The overall objective of the OASC is to create and shape the emerging market for intelligent city data and services. In addition, Open and Agile Smart Cities wants to encourage innovative solutions that are essential to the digital transition to sustainable cities. Releasing data on a large scale not only invites new actors to take part in the development but also contributes to make the market more attractive for private investors.

Smart Aarhus plays a central role in the execution of the project and was a part of establishing it in 2015. The collaboration was originally founded by cities from Denmark, Finland, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal and Brazil, and the network is continuously being expanded. The expansion will be based on thoroughness and prudence to ensure a dedicated core of participating cities. Today, the network consists of over 140 cities from more than 30 countries and regions in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Australia.