There is a large potential in using drones for public purposes. Construction maintenance, emergency tasks, quality control in inaccessible places, are just a few of the tasks that can rationalize handling the tasks and thereby save resources. The drones also allow for making new services available.

The intention with SmartDrones is to help the municipal departments to get started with practical testing and identifying the opportunities and potentials.

Experience, tool and methods are shared with other municipalities, as well as partnerships are formed with other stakeholders, including external suppliers.

What tasks can we solve?

SmartDrones Aarhus offers to execute concrete drone tasks. It can be flyovers, film and photo recording, traffic control etc. We have, for example, just done a 360 degree recording and on-location flight, related to the community involvement activities around the old County Hospital.

In addition to that, we offer packages for example schools and community centers, where we can offer a aerial photo (for example with all the students in the schoolyard printed as a big picture, with digital photos and a flyover movie.)

SmartDrones Aarhus has also entered a cooperation agreement with the Fire Service in order to uncover opportunities and good fields of application related to emergency tasks. This could, for example, be in regards to creating an overview of a fire, or in situations where it would be possible send in a mechanical drone, and thereby reduce the risks for people.

Drones supports SmartAarhus and open data

The use of drones is a logical choice in support of Aarhus as Smart City. The technology can help release a large untapped potential, and the realization of this has just begun. For example using drones to collect and gather data. The drones can go places that are inaccessible for people and measure for example pollen, CO2 etc. By collection such data and making it available to everyone (via, there can be created value and better services.  

What drones do we use?

We currently have two drones (DJI Inspire 1 and DJI Phantom 3), and more are on the way. The next expansion will be a thermal camera, so we can measure heat. This can be used in regards to identify fires or in relation to ascertain and identify energy losses from buildings. 

Flying Drones is approved by the Transport Authority

Aarhus has an exemption from the Transport Authority. This means that we, completely statutory, can realize the municipality’s drone project.

The common exemption from the Transport Authority covers the entire municipality’s project portfolio, and is therefore an umbrella for all activities. This contributes to the departments getting started quickly.

In this way, the administrative tasks are reduced, while ensuring compliance with the Transport Authoritys laws and rules.

SmartDrones Aarhus has already certified drone pilot, and can also educate and train new pilots.

SmartDrones Aarhus is rooted in ITK.

Responsible: Bo Fristed


Drone pilots in Aarhus:

Dennis Borup Jakobsen, ITK (Certified)

Carsten Michael Kaa, ITK (In training)

Bent Sejersen, ITK (In training)

Tommy Trærup Andersen, ITK (In training)