This includes a large concentration of advanced IT companies, a number of world class IT research groups, IT educations at a high international level, and number of institutions focusing on supporting innovation of new IT-based products and services.

IT innovation in Business Region Aarhus is characterized by innovative R&D projects involving businesses and research institutions. It is Denmark’s biggest concentration of IT workplaces when compared to the total number of employees in the private sector with 20,000 IT workplaces within a radius of 10 kilometres.

IT City Katrinebjerg 

The IT City Katrinebjerg has through the last 20 years been Denmarks most dynamic IT innovation environment. With 350 employers, 2500 students and 20.000 IT engaged within a radius of 10 kilometres. At Katrinebjerg we create world class innovation in the intersection between science, education, and business. The network of Katrinebjerg consists of more than 100 organisations and GTS-institutes in co-creation with IT education and research at Aarhus University. All IT educations and research facilities are placed at Katrinebjerg alongside INCUBA, with more than 120 organisations, Alexandra Institute A/S, who works with development of IT research into innovation projects, and IT Forum, who focuses on create knowledge about technological solutions.

Some of the organisations at Katrinebjerg is now Mjølner Informatics, Redia, Bookbite, Partisia, Scalgo, and the danish development department of Google.